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Spotlight: Speaks Family Legacy Chapels

July 19, 2017

Passare customers share their secrets of success through collaboration

Speaks Family Legacy Chapels
Locations: Independence and Buckner, Missouri
Independence Population: 117,255
Buckner Population: 3,067

For more information, contact David Speaks at [email protected].

David Speaks is a co-owner, vice president, funeral director, funeral home manager, and director of community relations for Speaks Funeral Chapels. Though he has many roles, he makes time to meet with families personally to provide them with the best possible service. David’s number one priority is attending to the needs of the families that he serves, and he loves that Passare allows families to interact and participate in a manner that is convenient for them.

How long have you been with Passare?

We didn’t actually start using Passare in our funeral home until 2015, but we’ve been with Passare from the beginning. My brother Brad was a part of the think tank that got together in Colorado before Passare was ever created to come up with something that would be good for funeral service practitioners as well as communities. Brad is a very progressive thinker and is always open to things that will help not only our business, but also grieving families. We thought it was a beneficial process, so we decided to invest and then take on the actual software ourselves.

How does Passare compare to other systems that you have used?

With any funeral home software system, you’re going to have to do data entry. What makes Passare different is that it enables us to be more interactive with the families. All the systems that we used before were solely for the benefit of the funeral home in keeping our records. Passare acts in the same way, but it also gives us tools like the Collaboration Center that allow us to keep the families engaged with us. We get to learn about these families and their preferences, wants, and needs before they even come in to see us, which empowers them. So I would say that family participation is the biggest difference with Passare.

How do you feel about the updates and changes that are constantly being made to Passare?

I would say that the vision is still aligned with the original vision, but the product that’s getting put in funeral homes now is probably even better. I think that Passare has some of the top minds in funeral service who have invested their time to provide input and feedback.

How has your staff responded to the move to Passare?

I spoke with some of our funeral directors to get their opinions on the benefits of Passare. They appreciate that it’s easy to navigate and that it allows them to print the necessary forms that are automatically populated from what they typed in. Certain software systems that we’ve used in the past required us to type in the same information three different times for three different things. We would put it into the software system, but then the software system didn’t integrate certain forms in there, so we’d have to go back into that form and retype it in.

We save 30-40 minutes of extra typing by putting all the forms into the Passare system and letting it automatically populate in there. It wasn’t this easy with previous software systems. I don’t know, maybe those software systems do include all those things now. But they didn’t for us at the time, so when we switched to Passare, all our directors, Millennials and older, were happy.

Do you think your client satisfaction has increased since you began using Passare?

Since we started using Passare in 2015, our client satisfaction numbers have dramatically increased. I think that there are a lot of different reasons for that (there’s not one silver bullet), but the fact is that our directors are spending more time on what’s important during the arrangement process because we are now able to receive so much information on the front end. It makes us more efficient and helps with client satisfaction. Passare is not the sole reason for increased client satisfaction, but it’s certainly one of the little nuggets that helps.

How has the customer service been with Passare?

We couldn’t ask for better customer service. There were times when we would want something to be added to the system and the staff at Passare was always striving to figure it out. They would come up with something that would be a good starting point. Then we could say “correct, but let’s just improve it a little bit here.” It took time, but there was always a lot of effort on Passare’s side to help make sure that we were happy and that we felt good about the system.

What would you say to other funeral professionals about Passare?

I would advise fellow funeral directors and colleagues to give Passare a try. Our firm is very picky about our software. A software system is huge for a funeral home, and we know how important it is. If we are happy with it, I can probably say that most people would be happy with it. There’s something in it for every funeral business. It can make everyday tasks just a little bit easier for the funeral home. Our focus is on families first, and anything that is going to help our families is going to help us. Passare is aligned with that vision for us and it’s worked out very well.