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Spotlight: Groesbeck Funeral Home

July 8, 2017

Passare customers share their secrets of success through collaboration

Groesbeck Funeral Home, Inc.
Locations: Groesbeck, Texas
Population: 4,291

For more information, contact contact Kent at [email protected].

Kent Wilson is a manager, funeral director, and embalmer at Groesbeck Funeral Home. After hearing other funeral homes talk enthusiastically about Passare, he decided to try it himself. Passare has increased his funeral home’s efficiency and provided useful updates. He is especially pleased with Passare’s customer service and friendly and accessible staff.

How long have you been with Passare?

Since maybe March or April. We’re relatively new to Passare.

What has been the biggest benefit to using Passare?

The biggest benefit so far is the fact that it’s been a major role player in terms of efficiency. I’ve cut down the arrangement time significantly, and the hassle of handling multiple sheets of paper has been reduced to just a few simple clicks. I can retrieve this information very easily. Families don’t know about all of this behind the scenes work, but it’s been a major help and an important organizational tool for me. It’s a helpful feature that I can use when putting together service information, and the secretary can retrieve this information in real time when I’m in the arrangement room working on it. It can instantly be as up-to-date as I need it to be for phone calls and other inquiries that I get throughout the arrangement process.

How many people are currently using Passare at your funeral home?

I’m the only funeral director who uses Passare. Our other funeral director doesn’t use computers. So I’m the only one who has had a chance to work with Passare, but it’s helped me a lot. The big feature that I really like is the reports. We have to answer to a board on our quarterly reports, and Passare allows me to generate that information in a matter of seconds instead of having to go through files. I don’t have to dig through and count up everything, which is nice. The reminders that it has are also really helpful. It helps when I’m doing preneed leads, marker sales, etc.

What do you think of Passare’s customer service?

I could go on and on about Passare’s customer service. They have got a golden ticket there. All the folks that I’ve had an opportunity to meet and actually talk with have been on a level of superiority. Hats off to those fine folks. One of the biggest turnoffs to me when considering any company is the use of an automated phone. You get asked to push 1 or 2 and then you never get anybody. When I got into the funeral service, I started operating according to a simple rule: if the phone rings twice, you better be breaking your neck to get to it. Passare has the same standards. After 1 or 2 rings, the phone is answered by a live person, and that person actually listens to what I need, what I have to say, and what I’m looking for.

Have you noticed any Passare updates?

I have. Coincidentally, I suggested a couple of them. I started thinking, “How could this be a little easier when I’m in a hurry or if I’m trying to listen to someone talk while I’m typing?” Or “How can we make the button bigger?” That’s something that they did in one of the last updates that I’ve noticed in the family and friends section. When you’re adding a new family member or friend, you used to have to scroll to the bottom, then it would pop back up to the top, and you’d have to navigate back and forth between top and bottom. It’s easier now. As far as navigation and ease of use, this is spot-on technology.

What would you tell a fellow funeral professional who is considering Passare?

Personally, I wanted to see the program, play with it, and get my hands on it before deciding. But after speaking to several funeral homes and utilizing the program, I knew it was something that I needed to investigate more. The sheer enthusiasm and “man, you got to try it,” attitude that was evident in the people that I spoke with pretty much sold it to me. They were enthusiastic and had a lot of confidence in it. And after Kelly (Director of Sales at Passare) came in to show it to us and allowed us to see the ease of navigation, I grew more and more confident that I had finally found a program that was user-friendly. I kept thinking about how each feature could help me and my firm.

I would say that if you are even the least bit interested, then take a look at it. Come see me or call me. I’d be happy to explain it. I now spend more time with my family as opposed to being behind a computer doing all the paperwork and preparation for their funeral. I’d say it’s exactly what I needed and I think that anyone who gave it a shot would agree that it’s a real winner in the funeral profession. The customer service is superior, and the folks at Passare actually care about what you have to say. With Passare, you get an amazing program.